Making communities dementia-safe with PreSafe

What Caregivers Need:

Safety for their family + Social Connection + Respite

PreSafe is the Caregiver's cornerstone for a dementia-safe community

Worn or carried by your loved one with dementia, the tournament domino-sized PreSafe wearable is attractive and unobtrusive, and signals your smartphone about your loved one's well being

You are doing an amazing work in supporting carers. Thank you.!

Toucan Diversity, Portsmouth, UK


The PreSafe wearable signals your smart phone, to keep your dementia family safe

Cold weather alert, dangerous traffic, falling, and getting lost are but a few of the hazards that the PreSafe wearable + Mobile App protects against

The device is very interesting! ALZ care is a fantastic cause. Tell me when you launch.

Scott Saturday

Atlanta, GA

With PreSafe, you're never alone

Caregivers face isolation too often, when there’s another caregiver and/or their family right down the street. With one in every fifteen houses having someone living with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias, PreSafe pools your resources.

My wife is 50. She has been battling Alzheimers for 3 years. I will back you. I wish your venture the best of luck.



PreSafe brings your dementia-friendly community to you

Instead of friends and family drifting away, your friends and neighbors return: to help with things from respite to wandering

Blessings to you and those who do your work everyday.

Melinda Mezo

Advocate for Health and Wellness, Canada

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More than 60,000,000 people living with dementia need PreSafe

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